Gillian Reynolds


How Long Should I Wait to Call Him Back - Essential Dating Advice For Women

28th October 2009
"How long should I wait to call him back?" That's without a doubt one of the most common questions women have when they're in a dating relationship. We all know that the issue of men and phone calls is far from straightforward. There are calling rules tha... Read >

Why Men Don't Always Call - Dating Tips For Women

28th October 2009
Most women would love to understand why men don't always call when they say they will. This is one of those ongoing riddles that we just can never find an answer to. It's puzzling when you've been involved for some time with a great guy and he doesn't cal... Read >

How to Make Him Really Want You - 3 Tips to Peak His Interest in You

26th October 2009
If you've find yourself falling in love with a man, you obviously want to make him really want you too. Not all relationships are balanced when it comes to how each person feels about the other. You may be certain that your guy is your soul mate, but he m... Read >
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