How Often Should I Call Him? - The Calling Rules For Women

Published: 28th October 2009
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How often should I call him is one of those questions we've all asked at one time or another. Being in a dating relationship isn't easy and it's even more complicated with the issue of calling rules. It's certainly not as simple as calling your man whenever you feel like talking to him. You need to understand when to call and when to sit back and wait for him to reach out to you.

We've all been told that men like direct, aggressive women. That's certainly true in some circumstances but it's not when it relates to telephone calls. If you've been out with a man and he said he'd call you, let him do it. Too many of us make the simple mistake of getting impatient and we call after a day or so. The moment he picks up, you've changed the entire dynamic of the relationship. He now sees that you are hooked on him because you're initiating contact and also it deflates his interest a bit. Men love chasing women. They love knowing that their woman is a little hard to get. If you call him often and never allow him the chance to call you, he's going to find you less of a challenge which means he'll become less infatuated with you before long.

What if he tells you to call him? Should you do it then? You should. There's a few calling rules in that situation too though. If you call him when he suggests and he doesn't pick up leave a simple message asking him to call you back. Don't call him again until you've heard from him, even if it's days later. When you two do talk always be nonchalant about telephone calls. You don't ever want him to see that you're desperate to hear from him.

You need to always remember that men and women view phone calls, emails and text in very different ways. If you make the mistake of calling too frequently, at the wrong time or before he's ready to hear from you, you can actually turn him off. Women unwittingly ruin their chances of a future with a man because they are too over eager to hear from him. Don't let this happen to you. Find out when you should be calling your man.

You may think that there's no consequence when you pick up the phone to call the man in your life, but there is. Men pay close attention to when women call them and they'll make assumptions about you based on that. Learn when the perfect time to call him is so that he'll find you irresistible.

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